Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Tuesday 30th November

The end of another day that started off very white. It was lovely to start the day with such a crisp morning, however this then causes issues for us in school. Boilers working? Check. Paths cleared, not check. So out it was with coats on and Mrs. Harris helping out to clear a pathway into the school so that everyone could get in. I wonder how many people logged on or listened to the radio to see if schools are open or closed. By now I am sure you know that this school stays open as long as we can operate. If conditions are too bad then the City will make a decision to do a complete blanket closure. If not then it is down to myself to take into account the local conditions. Today was nowhere near as bad as last year.

Pretty full school and everybody working well. I had the opportunity to pop into class 5GB today and listen to the future of broadcasting in this country. Well done 5GB some superb work and you were all so enthused by it. My maths group had a lot to do today working on multiplication and the grid method. We will keep working and tomorrow officially marks our start to of festive celebrations in school.

Mr. Rothwell

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