Friday, 19 November 2010

Thursday 18th November Friday 19th November

Afternoon everybody. Just trying to cover the last two days at school with this post. As usual time moves on really quickly and the last two days have been really eventful for both myself and the school. We have had visitors in both days. Firstly, we had a visitor in yesterday and he was giving us a quote for moving the library in school down to where the fun factory is, so that we use the space much better. It means that we would be creating an ultimate whizz of a space and use the space even better than it is at the moment. This will take a bit of time to sort through and we have to invite some more people into school to quote so that it is fair, but really exciting times. This is one of our school priorities this year. Half the staff are already supporting Mrs. Firman on looking at reading across the school.

The rest of the day yesterday and the evening was spent looking at the progress every child is making in the school. I had to complete this task because this morning our School Improvement Partner visited us again and I had to present the findings to here. This is the reason I was not able to attend 6H's assembly, so many apologies for that. Just finished this weeks newsletter and you will find some of the dates on there for Christmas. I think it is four weeks until we break up for the Christmas holiday. So much to do in such little time.

I have been checking the stats of this blog and at the moment we are getting hits from four different places:

United Kingdom
United States

It is peculiar to know that I am typing this in Birmingham but being read around the world. The Internet turns the world into such a small place. If you are reading the blog from a different country please just say hello. It is good for the children of Lyndon Green to know that people from around the world are interested in their school.

Last bit, and a bit cheeky but I know my Dad reads the blog and he lives in Scotland and it is his birthday today so Happy Birthday from us all.

Have a good weekend
Mr. Rothwell

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