Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday 15th November

Back to the old days!!

Have we gone back in a time warp? Can you tell me what year it is? The reason being is that I came into school today and desks were in rows and some members of my staff looked very mean and scary (you know who you are. And yes more than normal) We seem to have been transported back to the Victorian era, children were truning up to school in flat caps and mop caps, very peculiar indeed, but it was good to see order instilled into them at such a young age.

The current Year 5's were experiencing their Victorian day and by the sound and the look of it, it was very realistic.

Year Six were treated to a discussion about the life at War from some of our elderly community. 102 years old and looking fab. It is so good to have real life history for the children to listen to.

A super day, but for a while can we revert back to 2010, or actually I quite liked the Victorian style.

Mr Rothwell

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