Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The cold wind blows Wednesday 24th November

A funny day today, with some of our usual Wednesday activities happening, ie. Swimming, the last one for these classes. I suppose it all started with the cold wind blowing across the school. Is this officially the start of our winter? Will I be able to stay open all year this year? Hopefully, no heater problems this year, so a little bit of snow won't stop us. I type that with fingers crossed.

An interesting afternoon, as I have blogged before the staff in school are currently working on two main areas. Learning and Teaching and Reading. The reading group had organized four book reps to come into school to demonstrate their products to the staff. As usual we try to do things a little bit differently at Lyndon Green, so we sent a group of children from every year in the school to question the suitability of the books for our children. As usual they have done a great job and their opinions will feed into the school decision. Our children really do have a say in the decision making of the school.

Write more tomorrow.
Mr. Rothwell

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