Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tuesday 16th November

Well, we returned back to 2010 today and everything seemed to be back to normal. The day started with an Inspire workshop in Year 3, which was really well attended and some super feedback to Miss. Mabb, so thankyou very much for attending. Parents really enjoy spending time in school with their children, so our workshops really are beneficial. Many parents comment on how they see things differently to the way they were taught. Time really does move on and I remember when I was at primary school, not that long ago, I would much prefer to be taught using the current methods.

Mrs. Pitt will be sending home a letter which we would appreciate if you fill it in. We are looking at Learning and Teaching in our school and how to improve our methods further. This will refer to how best children learn and what makes outstanding learning. We really are reflecting on our methodology because we all remember the days of creative freedom and how we still managed to learn. We want to incorporate those elements from the past into our new methodology, so feedback would be great. A little heavy going but very innovative for Lyndon Green.

Write more tomorrow.
Mr. Rothwell

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