Friday, 3 December 2010

Wednesday 1st December.

Another crisp and wintry day in school, no paths to clear today as the hard work has payed off from the previous day. School attendance is still quite high even though we are still fielding calls to see whether we are open or not. As I say, i will do my best to keep the school open until it is out of my control or a safety to the children. The difficult nature of this weather is the ice on the playgrounds and for that reason we keep the children inside away from harm. The children really hate being couped up but they have games to keep them occupied in the lunchtime break.
First swimming session for many today and they all left school wrapped up to the hilt. It seems as though costumes passed muster this time as no issues came back. Time is marching on towards Christmas and we find that there is still alot to do in school.

Tonight was our trigger to decorate the school and the staff and children spent the afternoon together decorating it, as usual it looks great.
We still have clubs on and jokingly wondered whether the Tag Rugby club were going outside, you should have seen the look of terror on their faces. Sadly though it was to be inside.
Mr. Rothwell

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