Friday, 10 December 2010

Wednesday 8th December

Another day, another Inspire Workshop.  This time it is the parents of the Year 3 Amber Maths group that have been invited into school to work with their children. The feedback forms are all really positive.  WE hold 36 workshops across the school every year in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT and we always have around 2/3 of the parents attend each workshop.  From the feedback it really seems to be beneficial to our community.

Year 6 have been to Aston Hall for the final visit and they all have said what a super trip it was and how worthwhile it was.  This is the second year of this trip taking place and both years the children have said how good it was, just cold.  Lots of follow up work to come.  We have just changed our entrance hall displays from writing around school to how we use ICT in school.  Some fabulous results.  Pop into school and see the quality of work on show.  It really does reflect the standards we are trying to reach.

The school Christmas play....

Write more when I try and get a sneaky read of the script.  Sarcastic, me???? I refute those claims Danny!
Mr. Rothwell

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