Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tuesday 7th December

Today started off bitterly cold.  -9 when scraping the car, but at least we were nowhere near as bad as Scotland, where some children and parents slept in school.  Could you imagine!  A really busy day starting with an Inspire workshop for class 5GB, some great feedback from parents about how important it is to spend time with their children in school, as well as comments regarding being able to see how subjects are taught these days.  I am sure many of us would recognise how education methods have changed over the years.  For the better I hope!

The Christmas performance has started to take shape and many rumours are emanating about which child is playing which member of staff in the performance.  Sadly, Danny does a very good impression of me!!  Even James the builder has got a role in the play!

Lunchtime came and many children were participating in the Christmas lunch and all came out of the dining hall full of energy having had a great lunch.  You should have seen the eagerness on the faces of the children to actually get to the hall for this special lunch. 

It was a day of meetings for myself today.  One to discuss our Resource base with the Infants and then a second one with a company called Ambinet.  I have asked them to do some more signage for the school on the main doors coming into school. 

You really can feel the excitement brewing in school and that is just the teaching staff knowing they only have a week and a half left before they can prepare for Christmas at home.  The children, really are getting excited, however they are keeping themselves in check and as usual they are behaving fantastically well.  We wouldn't expect anything else.

Mr. Rothwell

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