Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Wednesday 30th March

An interesting start to the week,and a few peculiar looking adults and children in the school. The main reason for this was the annual Year 4 Egyptian day. I will hope to upload some images for you tomorrow once I have checked them all for clearance. The Allen keys came in handy as CPM builders (name check, surely it is worth some money off the bill) have been very busy and if you take a peek through the windows you will see the assembled furniture. The books are due to be sorted out for the library on the first day back after the Easter holiday. The technology for the library has also been arriving in dribs and drabs. It will look fantastic when it has been finished. If you remember the old Fun Factory, then you will not recognise the room anymore. It is my haven when I need some peace and quiet.

Staff completed their annual epi-pen and asthma training tonight. Even though it is an annual training session, it does not lose it's importance due to the amount of children that we encounter these days with severe allergies and asthma. We hope the skills that they were reminded of this evening will never have to be used.

I will hope to upload lots of pictures tomorrow for you to see. Don't forget to check out the front page of the website where there are details of events for families around Birmingham over Easter as well as free swimming for Years 5 and 6

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