Friday, 1 April 2011

Look how far we have come edition

Well today is April Fools day, so many children tried to catch me out, but as my Gran once said, 'you cannot kid a kidder.'  Nice try everyone.

As usual, school has been incredibly busy and I will upload some images from the week that show what we have been up to in school.

As usual a buildings update

 From flat pack to furniture, magic! I'm sure CPM didn't think it was magic
You can see the library beginning to take shape.  Blinds are to fitted next week and then the books are going to be sorted when we come back after Easter.  You can see the pile of boxes in the corner, they contain all the new library books.  We really cannot wait to open them and show them to the children, it is like Christmas all rolled into one.

This week has seen the Year 4 Egypt day in full swing and I'm sure their were a lot of mummies who were busy creating costumes(see what I did) so that their children could take full part in the day.  Lots of cooking and fun ensued.  Today Class 4C completed their Egypt assembly, it was fabulous and as I said at the time my new favourite words will be kerfuffle and Jackal headed mother in law.  I wonder if I could get away with that one.  Images below are from the Egypt Day and show the three classes in full costume.
Can you spot the teacher?

Some super posing, I'm sure I can see Howard Carter there somewhere.
Walk like an Egyptian.

I hope everyone has a good weekend and a Happy Mothers Day.  I hope the daffodils get home in one piece.
Mr. Rothwell