Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thursday 24th March

Lots happening this week in school, with building work nearing completion and lots of activities taking place in and out of school.

Firstly as I type this blog, we are awaiting the arrival of all the furniture for the school library, it really is an exciting time because like children we want things done as quickly as we can to see the immediate results.  The new Year 3 corridor is coming to a completion and we hope to start moving the furniture back into the 3 new workspaces that we have created.  Here is a quick picture of how they look at the moment.
In terms of school events, the children of Year 6 have been visiting the library this week, they have been returning with arm loads of goodies ranging from CD's to magazines.  I just hope they remember to return everything when the loan is up.

In sporting events, we sent two teams to represent the school at the Gateway Cluster Football event, look what they came back with:

Both of our teams managed to get to the semi-final, where unfortunately they played each other.  The final was a dramatic affair that eventually went to penalties.  After a tense shootout, I can declare that Lyndon Green were the eventual winners.  Well done to everyone that played,as usual they represented the school superbly.  More details can be found in this weeks newsletter, which will be uploaded tomorrow.