Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tuesday 11th January

Well today was all about the one's, with the peculiar date being 11.1.11.  I had a long day today, but it really does show how quickly we get back into the swing of things in school.  The first part of the day, I found myself in Year 5 in class 5J, whilst the class teacher Miss. Mills attended a meeting.  And Yes I can still teach and have not forgotten what it is like in the classroom, I say it often enough that some days as the Head Teacher I really do miss the hustle and bustle of everyday class teaching.  So, it was on to Spanish, thanks Miss. Mills, however I really enjoyed it learning my greetings and my colours.  I suppose I am like many students of the age where I really only learnt French and German at Secondary School and no languages at Primary school.  Apart from Spanish I then had the joy of my favourite narrative poem by Alfred Noyes - The Highwayman.  This was my favourite poem when I was teaching full time at my previous school, Hillstone Primary School, and I remember how I managed to get a group of boys really interested in what really can be classed as a love story.

From class 5J I moved into class 5GB and a whirlwind of mathematics, thoroughly enjoyable as it really is my favourite subject to teach.

The rest of the day was spent catching up on paperwork and preparing for the Governing Body meeting due next Monday.  The rest of the school continued as normal.  Mikey Pryce came in to deliver his fitness session to class 4F, they will get used to it. 

The clubs list in school seems to be getting longer and longer and this evening saw the reintroduction of the beading club.  This had 51 requests for places, however pleased I am by the overwhelming interest in our clubs, we have to ensure that they are kept to a reasonable number, I hope that the new organisation of this club will allow all those children to participate if they want to.

Mr. Rothwell