Monday, 17 January 2011

Monday 17th January

School is a busy as ever with the parents of the children in 10E viewing the SRE materials.  Maths booster groups for both Mrs. Pitt and myself.  Well done to my group you are growing in confidence all the time and tackling tasks far easier than you have ever done.  The rest of the school is fully engaged for a Monday, and the sun even came out at one stage.

Just finished getting ready for this half terms Governing Body meeting, we are looking forward to welcoming our new members to the Governing Body and sharing with them the work that we are undertaking.  I'm just not looking forward to the late night, but that is part and parcel of the work that we do.

Ultra busy day tomorrow starting with a meeting from 8 at the Botanical Gardens, listening to DRB ignite and finishing with a meeting at 7.00 pm carrying out some research for NCSL. Hopefully write more tomorrow!

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