Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wednesday 15th June

Today started of a little depressingly, I attended a meeting held by the local schools about how we can all support each other over the next few years, this however is a new and exciting direction, as collaborative learning rather than competitive learning across the schools will help and support the children in Sheldon and Acocks Green.  It will also be a great opportunity to harness the teaching talents that we have in local area.  What do they say, 'Two heads are better than one.'  Well in this case it was around 15 Heads.  I suppose the depressing part is the current state of our authority.  Being the second largest city in the country really is something to boast about, however with the restructuring of the authority and the loss of jobs due to cutbacks in funding and the need to save money it does feel like this city is in limbo.

However, that does not prevent us from doing all the exciting things in school.  I arrived back into school to be greeted with the sound of music, no literally it was the sound of music.  I could hear the sound of Doe a deer permeating from the building and that was enough to cheer me up straight away.  It just goes to show that working in a school really is rewarding as well as frustrating some days.

Today marked the start of our School Development Plan.  This gives us a chance to look at the school and what we have achieved as well as where we need to go next.  Tonight gave the teachers the opportunity to express their opinions on the four key areas within the school.  We structure our work around Teaching and learning (curriculum), Ethos, Buildings and Leadership and Management.  This gives the staff the opportunity to air their opinions and therefore contribute to the development of the school.

Over the next half term, the children and parents will be given the opportunity to express their opinions of the school.  Whilst opinions are usually positive, I am and have always been open to opinions that are negative.  We always can improve!  Whilst we sometimes can't provide the children with everything that they want for example, skateboard parks and swimming pools.  I believe that the children of Lyndon Green Juniors have a very large say in the development of this school and are given some exciting opportunities to enhance their learning as well as their social skills.  We hope that they build up a bank of memories that they can take away with them in the future.

Wow I have gone on a bit...

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